Dry ice blast cleaning

Dry ice blast cleaning is very thorough, effective and at the same time gentle on the environment. All in all these are the best conditions for a great cleanliness without disadvantages. You should consider whether you have perhaps found a suitable alternative to conventional cleaning here. It can only be cheap if you break new ground and enjoy the numerous advantages.

Dry ice blast cleaning – professional and on all surfaces

A really good dry ice jet cleaning can be done on all surfaces. So you can look forward to an incomparable shine that will remain in your memory for a long time to come. The professional can easily put this into practice. Even stubborn dirt has no chance with a good cleaning any more. Perhaps this method is unknown to you so far? Here is the perfect solution to change this. Convince yourself and see what can be achieved with relatively simple means. Ultimately, the result will speak for itself.

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Dry ice blast cleaning – environmentally friendly and thorough cleaning

Environmental protection is important and increasingly plays a decisive role. This makes it all the more important to get to grips with the subject in good time. What alternatives are there, what can be achieved and how, and what contributions really make sense? In this context, dry ice jet cleaning makes a decisive contribution which should not be neglected. Not only companies or larger enterprises should feel addressed. Private households can also make a decisive contribution. Care should be taken to ensure gentle cleaning even on a small scale, but this does not leave any wishes unfulfilled.

Dry ice blast cleaning from the professional let make

If you have decided on dry ice blast cleaning, you will certainly not regret this step. However, good planning is essential. Leave nothing to chance. Who would you like to entrust with this activity? Which company enjoys your trust? You have the choice and you have numerous companies to choose from. The fact is that you should choose a good price-performance ratio. If you are satisfied with the service, you have done everything right. Of course the professional can act faster and safer than you could. So act wisely, you save time and can dedicate yourself to other things. Within this timeframe the dry ice blast cleaning will be done for you and you will find everything in an impeccable condition again. So you clearly benefit from dry ice blast cleaning. If you have already gained experience in this respect, you know what it is all about. Otherwise, it is worth dealing with the matter.

The perfect method for even more cleanliness

Everything shines and everything shines: So everything is well done and there are no complaints. You have become aware of this type of perfect cleaning and will certainly enjoy this model.





Dry ice machine for cleaning

The cleaning of dirty machines, parts, moulds, etc. with glass granulate or sand is often difficult. Therefore, machines to be cleaned must be dismantled into individual parts. In addition, residues of the cleaning substrate usually remain on the surface, which must be removed. With a dry ice machine for cleaning you can clean surfaces without residues.

Different variants of a dry ice machine for cleaning

Dry ice machines for cleaning are offered as single-jet and twin-tube systems. When using a single hose system, the dry ice pellets are fed to the gun via the integrated dosing device using compressed air. For this purpose, the dosing device must be supplied with electrical power. This version of the dry ice machine for cleaning offers you the advantage that you can precisely dose the amount of dry ice pellets regardless of the pressure. You can adjust the pressure separately. Two-hose systems function according to the so-called Venturi principle. The dry ice pellets are combined with the compressed air in the gun. With this version it is not possible for you to precisely dose the amount of dry ice. The amount of dry ice pellets used for cleaning is determined by the blasting pressure. In addition, it is not uncommon for the blasting hose to be tight after a break, which can damage the hose.

It is therefore recommended that the hose of your dry ice machine for cleaning does not exceed a length of 14 metres. Otherwise there will be high pressure losses and optimum cleaning performance is no longer guaranteed. Standard hoses for your dry ice blasting machine can be ordered with lengths of 7 metres and 12 metres.

Areas of application of a dry ice machine for cleaning

The range of applications for a dry ice machine for cleaning is almost unlimited. If you own a varnishing or painting company or a print shop, use your dry ice machine for cleaning to remove stubborn ink residues from accessories and machines in no time at all, without having to use chemical cleaning agents and/or disassemble the machine. The removal of glaze from wooden surfaces as well as old dispersion paint walls is also possible without any problems. In the electrical engineering/electronics sector, dry ice machines for cleaning are used to clean electric motors, switch cabinets and circuit boards without the need for prior dismantling, as the dry ice pellets are not water but frozen carbon dioxide. An integrated grinder allows you to precisely dose the amount of dry ice.

If your company is in the street-m urban or commercial cleaning industry, you need a dry ice blasting machine to efficiently remove oil, grease, chewing gum, dirt, moss, graffiti and other contaminants without leaving any residue. With a dry ice machine for cleaning, hard-to-reach areas such as wells, subway shafts and escalators are easily accessible. Even listed buildings and sensitive surfaces, such as marble, can be cleaned with a dry ice jet without damage.

Further areas of application for a dry ice machine for cleaning

After a fire, you will achieve impressive results within a very short time when removing dirt and soot. With a dry ice machine you clean germ-killing and disinfecting. Therefore, you can also use your dry ice machine for cleaning in all areas of the food industry.


Dry ice blasting and its advantages over classic blasting agents

Cleaning with dry ice pellets does not have an harsh effect (no surface abrasion), so even highly sensitive surfaces like as Plexiglas as well as aluminium can be thoroughly clarified. Because dry ice is food-safe, industry in the food industry can also rely on this high-tech activity. Motors due to well as switch boxes can be free during the operative of residues, as dry ice pellets do not run electrically. In summation, you can almost always clean motors/machines without dismantling as well as thereby importantly reduce the interruption of the operating times.dry_ice_blasting

Dry ice blasting does not do some beam residues such as granulate or sand, so that still sensitive areas such as cavities are optimally cleaned. For this reason, the sometimes immense costs for the disposal of poisonous solution/Strahlmittel. are no Another benefit is that you do not have got to conceive time-consuming separation as well as disposal of grit/residues. By cleanup with dry ice pellets, you can reduce the time required by almost 90 percent, which in turn guaranteed less downtime.

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Dry ice blasting protects both material as well as environment dry ice blasting is an original and professional way of cleaning, which can be used on nearly all surfaces. Using dry ice technology, the cleaning process is extremely gentle. Even materials such as Plexiglas or even sensible aluminium may thus shine in new brilliance without water or chemical substances.

Using dry ice blasting to remove environmental evidence

As duty of dry ice cleaning, dry ice pellets are vastly accelerated using thin air before the object is hit. The dirt is shock-frozen as well as as a result brittle. The dry ice then slides below the crusting as well as evaporates immediately, so that the surface is blown off the surface of the object. Dry ice Blast cleaning does not require time-consuming protective measures. The dry ice pellets as well as the resulting carbon dioxide are neither electrically conductive nor toxic or flammable. The pellets do not develop any odor as well as do not carry any solvents. Only the removed dirt surface remains as waste.

Dry ice blasting is consequently excellent for a number of industries. The innovative method may be in use, for example, to remove pressure residues, varnishes and resin, fats due to well as oil, coal dust or bitumen. You can also easy clean machines, workpieces/tools as well as industry parts with dry ice pellets. If industry equipment is to be cleaned using dry ice blasting, no dismantling and consequently cost-intensive interruption of operation is required.

Gentle dry ice blasting even in the sensitive boat/Oldtimerbereich

As dry ice blasting does not rub on the matter, that cleaning process is likewise suitable for the sensitive surfaces like as chromium, brass and aluminium, nickel as well as different plastics in the boat as well as Oldtimer area. The material as well as geometry of the workpieces do not use a supporting role in the process. You can choose the decisive parameters (volume, air pressure, size of the dry ice pellets and processing speed) separately. The individual adjustment of a CO2 blasting system can therefore leave flawless surfaces that allow any further processing.

A practical dry ice cleaning

Environmentally friendly dry ice cleaning is possible on facades. This is not only gentler and more thorough than cleaning with water, sand or similar, but even cheaper. The gentle dry ice cleaning is completely abrasionsfrei. The surfaces are cleaned without abrasive materials, so that also demanding objects and materials can be handled effortlessly.

What is dry ice?

drycleanDry ice is a solid form of carbon dioxide. This is a completely non-toxic as well as odorless gas. In the beverage industry it is used as soda, for example in the mineral water to preserve the fresh taste and durability. Dry ice is cooled down to minus 78.5 degrees Celsius as soon as it has handled a specific process. Now this produced carbon dioxide snow is pressed into small balls, which are of great advantage for the dry ice cleaning. For these, like the sandblasting, are blasted onto the dirt by a certain jet nozzle with an immense tempo and thus clean the façade sparingly as well as pores. The dry ice cleaning also means a strong cooling of these radiated façade surfaces as well as the dirt particles, which are then easily replaced by a temperature shock. The cleaning is therefore done in a gentle way, because the CO2 penetrates quickly and easily. Once it heats up again, it immediately becomes gaseous again and begins to expand. As a result, the particles of dirt will burst from this treated area again. This dry ice cleaning involves a compressed air blasting process. Solid carbon dioxide is used for blasting. Dry ice is chemically inert, nontoxic, electrically non-conductive and absolutely non-flammable.

Areas of application for dry ice cleaning

In principle, dry ice blasting can clean everything, which could be cleaned with water, soaps, lye and other solvents as well as sand or steam jet. However, dry ice is more thorough, cheaper and safer. Dry Ice cleaning is applied in particular if the walls of a climbing plant, old paint or environmental dirt are to be released. Also in the event that a façade has been damaged due to a fire, dry ice cleaning can be done because it is best suited to eliminate the fire residue almost completely.

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There is hardly any waste in dry ice blasting because the used carbon dioxide dry ice is immediately re-gaseous during cleaning. Therefore, it is possible to dispense entirely with chemicals and toxic substances. In addition, no water is produced during dry ice cleaning. Therefore, it is also feasible that facades with electrical components or sensitive wooden surfaces are easily cleaned with the dry ice process. Even the industry uses dry ice cleaning successfully when cleaning replacement motors, cleaning moulds, unpainting of assemblies as well as removing silicone, oil, rubber and adhesives. In the construction industry, it is used to eliminate graffiti and paintings.

Benefits of this dry ice cleaning

Dry Ice cleaning is bacteria-inhibiting, environmentally friendly, non-toxic and odorless. It cleans the grit dry and absolutely does not damage it. This process does not require any power supply, as this system operates pneumatically.